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  • Where are you based?
    AML is originally based in Los Angeles, where most of our shoots have taken place. However, we've executed productions in 20+ states and multiple countries. Depending on the project, we can travel and produce on-site or even work remotely.
  • What does the overall production service include?
    It's much more than a photoshoot or a "videography" service- we get to know our clients first and then provide content packages that are scaled up or down depending on their specific needs. AML handles the entire process from strategizing, scripting, locations, models, crew, editing, VFX, graphic design, animations etc...
  • How much does a video or photo shoot cost?
    There isn't a set cost for video production because everyone's needs are different. We listen to what you'd like to achieve and we provide the best value we can for your budget, or we can quote you for the exact thing you're after.
  • How long will it take to get my videos?
    It depends on what level of production value you're after, and the volume of deliverables you require. We always ensure deadlines so you get the videos when you need them.


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